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Dharma Movie Review: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

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Tagline: Prepare for the Extraordinary
(LXG movie was adapted from a comic book)

Plot Outline: In an alternate Victorian Age world, a group of famous contemporary fantasy,
Science Fiction and adventure characters team up on a secret mission.

The Powers & Failings of the League Members

1. Allan Quatermain the Hunter feels disenchantment of the loss of his comrades despite his loyalty.
2. Tom Sawyer the Spy is driven by thrills and seeks danger and excitement because nothing else will do.
3. Rodney Skinner the Invisible Man feels isolated despite his ability to be "with" anybody.
4. Dr Jekyll (the Beast Mr Hyde) feels hulk-like power, but its evil tendencies tortures him morally.
5. Captain Nemo the Scientist is a freedom fighter not freed from his desire to free the world.
6. Dorian Grey the Immortal lives in evil, in vain, having forever to be happy, but never really being.
7. Mina Harker the Vampire lives with bloodlust, having forever, but never truly quenched.

So What If You Are Super?

Superman is the man of steel,
but he too died in the comics.
Batman is the most intelligent detective,
but he works with anguish to avenge his parents' faceless killer.
Spider-man is humourous,
but hides the sadness of his murdered Uncle Ben.
The three classic comic book heroes are not invincible, not the happiest people after all.

The X-Men are a team of the wildest assorted "supernatural" powers,
but they too are not invincible,
as they fight evil (the Three Poisons- Greed, Hatred & Ignorance), sometimes with their own.

This teaches me one big lesson-
all the psychic and super powers in the world do not bring happiness,
as long as you are not enlightened, not without the Three Poisons.
So what if you are super?

The Buddha is the real "Super-man"- Maha-Purisa (Great Man).
So super was He that he is not mere "Man"-
A pefected man is not a man-
He transcends all with His perfected Compassion and Wisdom-
He is a Buddha, a fully Awakened One-
the peak of spiritual and physical evolution,
Teacher of Men and Gods.
Namo Buddhaya!

Join the League of Extraordinary Enlightened Ladies and Gentlemen (Sangha)-
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